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Science has shown that being happy is not about life, or individual circumstances or the kind of day you are having. It is something that can be cultivated. And people who are happy tend to be more resilient; more able to bounce back from life’s challenges.  They also tend to have a solid network of support. ‘Replenish’ is a ten week project that focuses on these areas. It focuses on cultivating happiness and resilience.

The Replenish project gives participants the opportunity to focus on well-being in a way that’s fun and effortless, and also the chance to strengthen their connections with others. The project runs in several different places at the same time – so participants have an opportunity to connect with people in different places nationally and internationally.

What does participation involve?

The project is for ten weeks and is free.
Receiving a daily email containing a ‘thought for the day’ and a bite-size exercise that can be done in less than a minute.
Accessing a discussion page to engage with other participants.
Happiness has a domino effect: The more happy you are, the more resilient you become, and the more connected you feel towards others. People who do well in their studies or at work, are generally those that feel that they have a place there; that they belong.

I’m interested! What’s involved?

Participation is voluntary and participants can withdraw at any time. It is open to everyone.

The only requirement is that participants check their email once a day.

At the beginning and end of the project, they will be asked to complete an online questionnaire. There will be an opportunity for them to connect with participants in other places via the discussion page, and online meetings and you may also wish to consider holding groups for specific groups, on some of the themes that emerge from the project.

How do I sign up?

If you wish to participate, please email Farrukh Akhtar at Kingston University: